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Airport Information Debrief (AID)

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Used by pilots for general airport information, AID provides local knowledge about specific airports submitted by our users. Please take a moment and answer a few questions about your home airport (or other airports you may have knowledge) by filling out the form below.

Please provide as much information as possible. All fields are optional so you can provide as much (or as little) information as you'd like. Pilots, Flight Instructors, Airport Managers, and ATC Personnel are excellent sources of information. Making airports safer worldwide is our #1 mission here.
Thanks in advance for helping us help the global flying community.

Type of airport (public, private, regional, municipal, etc.), alternate names,
airport location, geographical position, elevation, etc.

Hot Spots
Any portion of the airport where pilots should use extreme caution.
This may include confusing intersections, lighting, marking, signage, or other
areas where there may be a higher risk of runway incursions or surface incidents.

Local Procedures
Any locally developed procedures such as non-standard phraseology,
noise abatement, preferential runways, prior permission requirements, closures, etc.

Public/Private facility, control tower, ARTCC, FSS,
pattern altitude, lighting, restrictions, traffic immigration.

Designation, length, type, visual approach aids, etc.

Communications & Frequencies
CTAF, UNICOM, ATIS, WX ASOS, tower, ground control,
approach control, departure control, clearance delivery, radio aids, etc.

Any other information you feel may be beneficial.

Airport ID
Enter ICAO Airport ID

Your Name

Your Position
Airport Manager, Pilot, ATC, Administrator etc.

Your email address

Phone Number
Daytime phone number if we have questions.

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