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As one of largest Aviation Sites on the Internet, enjoys a large amount of targeted visitors every day! is a complete aviation resource including airport/FBO information, travel warnings, country facts, aviation weather, currency converter, maps/charts, crew reports, aviation news, resume posting and more. Catering to professional flight crews, the vast majority of our users are professional corporate pilots and flight attendants. This audience has the target demographics that meets your needs.

We have worked hard to put together the finest aviation related tools and information on the Internet. Our site contains more than 3000 pages virtually circling the globe with over 300 cities in 89 countries. Our visitors use this site from every corner of the globe (Visitors Geographic Info). We are working diligently to updated and increase our worldwide database beyond the 400 airports already listed. We operate an innovative, interactive web-site that keeps users coming back  for our ever changing content.

Here's a partial list of other aviation sites linking to us:

FAA - IBAC - SimuFlite - Aviation Safety Network - AirCare Intl. - FACTS Training
Controller - National Pilots Association - National Air Traffic Controllers Association
Airservice Hawaii - Aviation World Services - Aviation Safety Institute - Air Training Intl.
European Regions Airline Association - Crewmembers International - Crewise Limited
Arab Air Carriers Organization - Pakistani Aviation - Advantage Aviation - ADN Aircraft
Aeroseek - Aircraft Dealers Network - Palm Aviation - Global Air - Premier Travel - BaseOps - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Arrow Recovery Canada - and more...

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