Current Advisory Circulars by Number

AC Number Change Date Subject
AC 91-49 CHG 1 08/23/77 General Aviation Procedures for Flight in North Atlantic Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications Airspace
AC 91-50 08/24/77 Importance of Transponder Operation and Altitude Reporting
AC 91-51A 07/19/96 Effect of Icing on Aircraft Control and Airplane Deice and Anti-Ice Systems
AC 91-53A 07/22/93 Noise Abatement Departure Profile
AC 91-54 02/26/79 Automatic Reporting Systems Altimeter Setting and Other Operational Data
AC 91-55 10/28/80 Reduction of Electrical System Failures following Aircraft Engine Starting
AC 91-56A 04/29/98 Continuing Structural Integrity Program for Large Transport Category Airplanes
AC 91-57 06/09/81 Model Aircraft Operating Standards
AC 91-58A 02/10/2000 Use of Pyrotechnic Visual Distress Signaling Devices in Aviation
AC 91-59 08/20/82 Inspection and Care of General Aviation Aircraft Exhaust Systems
AC 91-60 04/02/84 The Continued Airworthiness of Older Airplanes
AC 91-61 02/28/84 A Hazard in Aerobatics: Effects of G-Forces of Pilots
AC 91-62A 10/15/92 Use of Child Seats in Aircraft
AC 91-63B 10/09/96 Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs)
AC 91-65 08/04/86 Use of Shoulder Harness in Passenger Seats
AC 91-66 06/04/87 Noise Abatement for Helicopters
AC 91-67 06/28/91 Minimum Equipment Requirements for General Aviation Operations Under FAR Part 91
AC 91-68 02/25/92 Pilot Qualification and Operation of all Surplus Military Turbine-Powered Airplanes
AC 91-69A 11/19/99 Seaplane Safety for FAR Part 91 Operators
AC 91-70 09/06/94 [Large AC] Oceanic Operations
AC 91-71 06/13/96 Operation of Hot Air Balloons with Airborne Heaters
AC 91-72 11/08/96 Waivers of Provisions of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations Part 91
AC 91-73A 09/26/2003 Part 91 and Part 135 Single-Pilot Procedures during Taxi Operations
AC 91-74 12/12/2002 Pilot Guide Flight in Icing Conditions
AC 91-75 06/25/2003 Attitude Indicator
AC 91.11-1 07/19/63 Guide to Drug Hazards in Aviation Medicine
AC 91.21-1A 10/02/2000 Use of Portable Electronic Devises Aboard Aircraft
AC 97-1A 09/28/77 Runway Visual Range (RVR)
AC 97-2 11/19/93 Data Base Standardization for the Global Positioning System (GPS) Overlay Program
AC 99-1C 04/20/89 Security Control of Air Traffic
AC 103-4 05/01/74 Hazard Associated with Sublimation of Solid Carbon Dioxide (Dry Ice) Aboard Aircraft
AC 103-6 06/23/83 Ultralight Vehicle Operations-Airports, ATC, and Weather
AC 103-7 01/30/84 The Ultralight Vehicle
AC 105-2C 01/02/91 Sport Parachute Jumping
AC 107-1 05/19/72 Aviation Security-Airports
AC 108-1 10/16/81 Air Carrier Security
AC 108-2 10/16/81 Security Rules - Carriage of Weapons and Escorted Persons
AC 108-3 11/06/81 Screening of Persons Carrying U.S. Classified Material
AC 109-1 03/03/82 Aviation Security - Acceptance and Handling Procedures Indirect Air Carrier Security
AC 120-12A 04/24/86 Private Carriage Versus Common Carriage of Persons or Property
AC 120-16D 03/20/2003 Air Carrier Maintenance Programs
AC 120-17A 03/27/78 Maintenance Control by Reliability Methods
AC 120-26H 06/21/91 International Civil Aviation Organization Three-Letter and Radio Telephony Designators
AC 120-27C 11/07/95 Aircraft Weight and Balance Control
AC 120-28D 07/13/99 Criteria for Approval of Category III Weather Minima for Takeoff, Landing, and Rollout
AC 120-29A 08/12/2002 Criteria for Approval of Category I and Category II Weather Minima for Approach
AC 120-30A 09/08/76 Reporting Requirements of Air Carriers, Commercial Operators, Travel Clubs, and Air Taxi Operators of Large and Small Aircraft
AC 120-31A 04/21/77 Operational and Airworthiness Approval of Airborne Omega Radio Navigation Systems as a Means of Updating Self-Contained Navigation Systems
AC 120-32 03/25/77 Air Transportation of Handicapped Persons
AC 120-33 06/24/77 Operational Approval of Airborne Long-Range Navigation Systems for Flight within the North Atlantic Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications Airspace
AC 120-34 06/29/77 Air Transportation of Mental Patients
AC 120-35B 09/06/90 Line Operational Simulations: Line Oriented Flight Training, Special Purpose Operational Training, Line Operational Evaluation
AC 120-37 10/10/78 Operational and Airworthiness Approval of Airborne Omega Radio Navigational Systems as a Sole Means of Long Range Navigation Outside the United States
AC 120-38 10/10/80 Transport Category Airplanes Cabin Ozone Concentrations
AC 120-39 10/31/80 Hazards of Waste Water Ice Accumulation Separating from Aircraft in Flight
AC 120-40B 07/29/91 Airplane Simulator Qualification
AC 120-41 11/07/83 Criteria for Operational Approval of Airborne Wind Shear Alerting and Flight Guidance
AC 120-42A 12/30/98 Extended Range Operation with Two-Engine Airplanes (ETOPS)
AC 120-43 01/27/87 The Influence of Beards on Oxygen Mask Efficiency
AC 120-44A 06/06/2001 Air Carrier First Aid Programs
AC 120-45A 02/05/92 Airplane Flight Training Device Qualification
AC 120-47 06/12/87 Survival Equipment for use in Overwater Operations
AC 120-48 07/13/88 Communication and Coordination Between Flight Crewmembers and Flight Attendants
AC 120-49 11/23/88 Certification of Air Carriers
AC 120-50A 02/09/96 Guidelines for Operational Approval of Windshear Training Programs
AC 120-51D 02/08/2001 Crew Resource Management Training
AC 120-52 03/05/90 Radiation Exposure of Air Carrier Crewmembers
AC 120-53 05/13/91 Crew Qualification and Pilot Type Rating Requirements for Transport Category Aircraft Operated under FAR Part 121
AC 120-54 08/09/91 Advanced Qualification Program
AC 120-55B 10/22/2001 Air Carrier Operational Approval and Use of TCAS II
AC 120-57A 12/19/96 Surface Movement Guidance and Control System
AC 120-58 09/30/92 Pilot Guide Large Aircraft Ground Deicing
AC 120-59 10/26/92 Air Carrier Internal Evaluation Programs
AC 120-60 05/19/94 Ground Deicing and Anti-Icing Program
AC 120-61 05/19/94 Crewmember Training on In-Flight Radiation Exposure
AC 120-62 09/12/94 Takeoff Safety Training Aid
AC 120-63 10/11/94 Helicopter Simulator Qualification
AC 120-64 04/24/96 Operational Use & Modification of Electronic Checklists
AC 120-65 10/18/96 Interference with Crewmembers in the Performance of their Duties
AC 120-66B 11/15/2002 Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP)
AC 120-67 03/18/97 Criteria For Operational Approval of Auto Flight Guidance Systems
AC 120-68B 03/22/2002 Pilot Records Improvement Act of 1996, As Amended
AC 120-70 02/17/2000 Initial Air Carrier Operational Approval for use of Digital Communication System
AC 120-71A 02/27/2003 Standard Operating Procedures for Flight Deck Crewmembers.
AC 120-72 09/28/2000 Maintenance Resource Management Training
AC 120-73 12/14/2000 Damage Tolerance Assessment of Repairs to Pressurized Fuselages
AC 120-74A 09/26/2003 Parts 91, 121, 125, and 135 Flightcrew Procedures during Taxi Operations
AC 120-76A 03/17/2003 Guidelines for the Certification, Airworthiness, and Operational Approval of Electronic Flight Bag Computing Devices
AC 120-77 10/07/2002 Maintenance and Alteration Data
AC 120-78 10/29/2002 Acceptance and Use of Electronic Signatures, Electronic Recordkeeping Systems, and Electronic Manuals
AC 120-79 04/21/2003 Developing and Implementing a Continuing Analysis and Surveillance System
AC 121-1A CHG 4 07/07/78 Standard Operations Specifications Aircraft Maintenance Handbook
AC 121-6 01/05/66 Portable Battery-Powered Megaphones
AC 121-13 CHG 2 12/21/70 Self-Contained Navigation Systems
AC 121-16 11/09/70 Maintenance Certification Procedures
AC 121-21B 12/22/83 Information Guide for Training Programs and Manual Requirements in the Air Transportation of Hazardous Materials
AC 121-22A 03/07/97 Maintenance Review Board (MRB)
AC 121-24C 07/23/2003 Passenger Safety Information Briefing and Briefing Cards
AC 121-25 09/16/77 Additional Weather Information: Domestic and Flag Air Carriers
AC 121-26 06/29/81 Airports--Required Data
AC 121-27 01/03/84 Guide for Air Carriers, Freight Forwarders, and Shippers in Obtaining Information Dealing with the Transportation of Hazardous Materials by Air
AC 121-28 03/19/87 Preparation and Loading of Magnetron Magnetic Materials for Air Transportation
AC 121-29B 07/24/2000 Carry-On Baggage
AC 121-31 09/30/94 Flight Crew Sleeping Quarters and Rest Facilities
AC 121-32 02/07/95 Dispatch Resource Management Training
AC 121-33A 05/09/2003 Emergency Medical Equipment
AC 121-34A 05/09/2003 Emergency Medical Equipment Training
AC 121-35 01/16/2003 Management of Passengers during Ground Operations without Cabin Ventilation
AC 121-36 12/31/2002 Management of Passengers who may be Sensitive to Allergens
AC 121.195-1A 06/19/90 Operational Landing Distances for Wet Runways; Transport Category Airplanes
AC 121.445-1D 06/20/90 Pilot-In-Command Qualifications for Special Areas/Routes and Airports, FAR Section 121.445
AC 125-1 01/22/81 Operations of Large Airplanes Subject to Federal Aviation Regulations Part 125
AC 129-3 06/10/82 Foreign Air Carrier
AC 129-4 03/01/88 Maintenance Programs for U.S. Registered Aircraft Under FAR Part 129
AC 133-1A 10/16/79 Rotorcraft External-Load Operations in Accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations Part 133
AC 135-4A 04/15/76 Aviation Security: Air Taxi Commercial Operators (ATCO)
AC 135-5B 09/26/83 Maintenance Program Approval for Carry-On Oxygen Equipment for Medical Purposes
AC 135-7 10/24/78 FAR 135: Additional Maintenance Requirements for Aircraft Type Certificated for Nine or Less Passenger Seats
AC 135-9 05/30/81 FAR Part 135 Icing Limitations
AC 135-10A 12/22/93 Approved Aircraft Inspection Program
AC 135-13L 09/09/2003 FAA Certificated Air Carriers Directory
AC 135-14A 06/20/91 Emergency Medical Services/Helicopter (EMS/H)
AC 135-15 11/19/90 Emergency Medical Service/Airplane (EMS/A)
AC 135-16 12/12/94 Ground Deicing & Anti-icing Training & Checking
AC 135-17 12/14/94 Pilot Guide - Small Aircraft Ground Deicing (pocket)
AC 135.169-1 09/24/79 Small Propeller-Driven Air Taxi Airplanes that meet Sections 135.169 (formerly 135.144)
AC 136-1 10/25/2002 Commercial Air Tour Operations Conducted Over National Parks and Tribal Lands
AC 137-1 11/29/95 Agricultural Aircraft Operations
AC 139.201-1 07/15/88 Airport Certification Manual (ACM) & Airport Certification Specifications (ACS)
AC 140-2FF 09/09/2003 FAA Certificated Pilot Schools Directory
AC 140-6C 10/14/83 The Development and Use of Major Repair Data Under Provisions of Special Federal Aviation Regulation No. 36
AC 140-7N 09/09/2003 FAA Certificated Repair Stations Directory
AC 140-8 05/22/97 Guide for Developing and Evaluating an SFAR 36 Engineering Procedures Manual
AC 141-1A 02/18/93 Pilot School Certification
AC 145-2 04/21/76 Repair Station Limited Ratings Beech 18 Series Aircraft
AC 145-3 02/13/81 Guide for Developing and Evaluating Repair Station Inspection Procedures Manuals
AC 145-4 09/27/82 Inspection, Retread, Repair and Alterations of Aircraft Tires
AC 145-5 09/27/95 Repair Station Internal Evaluation Programs
AC 145-6 11/15/96 Repair Stations for Composite and Bonded Aircraft Structure
AC 145-7A 09/23/2002 Issuance of Repair Station Certificates to Foreign Approved maintenance Organizations under the Maintenance Implementation Procedures of a Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement
AC 145-8A 04/03/2003 Acceptance of Repair Stations by the JAA and JAA-Member NAAs Under the Maintenance Implementation Procedures of a Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement
AC 145-9 07/03/2003 Guide for Developing and Evaluating Repair Station and Quality Control Manuals
AC 145.101-1B 11/30/83 Application for Air Agency Certificate - Manufacturer's Maintenance Facility
AC 147-2JJ 09/09/2003 FAA Certificated Aviation Maintenance Technician Schools Directory
AC 147-3 05/22/91 [Large AC] Certification and Operation of Aviation Maintenance Technician Schools
AC 147-4 05/19/94 Guidelines for Evaluation of Military Aviation Training Courses
AC 150/5000-5C 12/03/96 Designated U.S. International Airports
AC 150/5000-6 04/16/87 Micro-Paver, Pavement Management System (PMS)
AC 150/5000-7 05/12/87 Report No. DOT/FAA/PP/87-1 Measuring the Regional Economic Significance of Airports
AC 150/5000-9A 07/02/93 Announcement of Availability Report No. DOT/FAA/PP/92-5, Guidelines for the Sound Insulation of Residences Exposed to Aircraft Operations
AC 150/5000-10A 07/02/93 Announcement of Availability Report No. DOT/FAA/PP/-92-6, Estimating the Regional Economic Signifiance of Airports
AC 150/5000-11 03/24/93 Announcement of Availability All Cargo Carrier Activity Report (FAA Form 5100-108, Revised)
AC 150/5000-12 07/15/94 Announcement of Availability-Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) Application (FAA Form 5500-1)
AC 150/5000-13 09/07/94 Announcement of Availability-RTCA Inc., Document RTCA-221
AC 150/5000-14 09/12/95 Announcement of Availability- National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS) 1993-1997
AC 150/5020-1 08/05/83 Noise Control and Compatibility Planning for Airports
AC 150/5050-3B 04/11/89 Announcement of Availability-Planning the State Aviation System
AC 150/5050-4 09/26/75 Citizen Participation in Airport Planning
AC 150/5050-7 06/23/87 Establishment of Airport Action Groups
AC 150/5060-5 09/23/83 Airport Capacity and Delay (Consolidated reprint includes Change 1and 2)
AC 150/5070-3 09/30/65 Planning the Airport Industrial Park
AC 150/5070-5 05/22/70 Planning the Metropolitan Airport
AC 150/5070-6A 06/01/85 Airport Master Plans
AC 150/5100-6D 10/15/86 Labor Requirements for the Airport Improvement Program (AIP)
AC 150/5100-10A 04/13/76 Accounting Records Guide for Airport Aid Program Sponsors
AC 150/5100-13A 09/28/99 Development of State Standards for Non-Primary Airports
AC 150/5100-14C 02/16/94 Architectural, Engineering, and Planning Consultant Services for Airport Grant Projects
AC 150/5100-15A 03/31/89 Civil Rights Requirements for the Airport Improvement Program (AIP)
AC 150/5100-16A 10/04/88 Airport Improvement Program Grant Assurance Number One -- General Federal Requirements
AC 150/5100-17 03/29/96 Land Acquisitions and Relocation Assistance for Airport Improvement Program Assisted Projects
AC 150/5100-17 CHG 3 03/29/96 Land Acquisition and Relocation Assistance for Airport Improvement Program Assisted Projects
AC 150/5100-19B 04/20/2001 Guide for Airport Financial Reports Filed by Airport Sponsors
AC 150/5100-19B CHG 2 01/15/2003 Guide For Airport Financial Reports Filed By Airport Sponsors
AC 150/5150-2B 10/01/84 Federal Surplus Personal Property for Public Airport Purposes
AC 150/5190-1A 12/16/85 Minimum Standards for Commercial Aeronautical Activities on Public Airports
AC 150/5190-4A 12/14/87 Model Zoning Ordinance to Limit Height of Objects Around Airports, A
AC 150/5190-5 06/10/2002 Exclusive Rights and Minimum Standards for Commercial Aeronautical Activities
AC 150/5190-5 CHG 1 06/10/2002 Exclusive Rights and Minimum Standards for Commercial Aeronautical Activities
AC 150/5200-12B 09/03/99 Fire Department Responsibility in Protecting Evidence at the Scene of an Aircraft Accident
AC 150/5200-18B 05/02/88 Airport Safety Self-Inspection
AC 150/5200-28B 06/26/96 Notices to Airmen (NOTAMS) for Airport Operators
AC 150/5200-30A 10/01/91 Airport Winter Safety and Operations (Change 1 and 2)
AC 150/5200-30A CHG 3 11/30/98 Change 3 to Airport Winter Safety and Operations
AC 150/5200-30A CHG 4 11/15/99 Change 4 to Airport Winter Safety and Operations
AC 150/5200-30A CHG 6 12/16/2002 Change 6 to Airport Winter Safety and Operations
AC 150/5200-31A 09/30/99 Airport Emergency Plan
AC 150/5200-32 02/14/90 Announcement of Availability-Bird Strike Incident/Ingestion Report
AC 150/5200-33 05/01/97 Hazardous Wildlife Attractants on or Near Airports
AC 150/5200-34 08/26/2000 Construction of Establishment of Landfills Near Public Airports
AC 150/5210-1 09/23/2003 Announcement of Availability: Airport Surface Safety Training Programs for Mechanics and Ramp Personnel
AC 150/5210-2A 11/27/84 Airport Emergency Medical Facilities and Services
AC 150/5210-5B 07/11/86 Painting, Marking, and lighting of Vehicles used on and Airports
AC 150/5210-6C 01/28/85 Aircraft Fire and Rescue Facilities and Extinguishing Agents
AC 150/5210-7C 07/01/99 Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Communications
AC 150/5210-13A 05/31/91 Water Rescue Plans, Facilities, and Equipment
AC 150/5210-14A 07/13/95 Airport Fire and Rescue Personnel Protective Clothing
AC 150/5210-15 07/30/87 Airport Rescue and Firefighting Station Building Design
AC 150/5210-17 03/09/94 Programs for Training of Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Personnel
AC 150/5210-18 04/13/94 Systems for Interactive Training of Airport Personnel
AC 150/5210-19 12/23/96 Driver's Enhanced Vision System (DEVS)